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VIRTUAL LEARNING: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regular classes will not be held at the Kanopy Dance Studio this winter and spring. Instead, classes will be offered live online via Zoom. Students will be emailed a Zoom invitation on the day of class that they will click on to access the live instruction. All participants will receive a short YouTube video of the material covered that day in class.  

WHAT YOU NEED: In order to take classes via Zoom successfully, make sure that you have a computer, adequate internet speed and enough room to dance. Although it is much preferred that you have a small dance floor in your space, it is not required, as classes at this time will not involve a lot of percussive footwork where flamenco shoes would be necessary. The use of athletic shoes or dancing in socks/barefoot is therefore possible as long as you have enough foot support and are comfortable! Although we are not in the studio, please still wear dancewear or something comfortable that you can dance in and shows the line of the body.

Classes are open to both women and men. Partners are not necessary. Dancers 12 years of age and up are welcome in the general classes.

Due to the ever-changing climate of COVID that we are in at the moment, there will be shorter sessions this winter/spring instead of the typical semester-long courses.  

To register, please contact Tania Tandias via email, or phone, (608) 250-0369

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