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 FALL 2019

Classes are held at Kanopy Dance Studio, 341 State St (2nd floor), Madison, Wisconsin, unless noted otherwise.  

All classes will include instruction in flamenco dance technique, which includes footwork, arm and hand work, rhythmic hand-clapping and turns.


Classes are open to both women and men. Partners are not necessary. Dancers 12 years of age and up are welcome in the general classes.


DISCOUNTS: There will be a $10 discount for checks received by August 31 PLUS a multi-class discount of $30 off for each additional class taken.

To register, please contact Tania Tandias via email,, or phone, (608) 250-0369. Checks and cash accepted. If interested in paying with PayPal, please contact Tania. Make checks out to Tania Tandias and send to 1128 Chandler St, Madison, WI 53715.

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