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 SUMMER 2024

All classes will include instruction in flamenco dance technique, which includes footwork, arm and hand work, rhythmic handclapping and turns. Partners are not necessary. Dancers 12 years of age and up are welcome in the general classes. 

Madison Youth Arts Center, 1055 E Mifflin St, Madison, WI

PRIVATE & SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: Tania teaches private and semi-private lessons at her home studio or on Zoom. If interested, please contact Tania directly.

ATTIRE: Please wear flamenco shoes, character shoes, or a similar hard-soled, high-heeled shoe or boot with a closed toe. Dancers should wear comfortable clothes to move in. A long or calf-length full skirt is also traditional for class if available.

REGISTRATION: To register, please contact Tania Tandias via email, or phone, (608) 250-0369. Make checks out to Tania Tandias. If interested in paying with PayPal, please contact Tania.  


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